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Crystal Silicon Diamond Wire Saw


Photovoltaic Cutting Equipment

General description:

Launched in 2023,this product is used in the slicing process of silicon wafer manufacturing. The product adopts a brand new platformized design and industry-leadingadjustable small wheelbase design, which can be compatible with the cutting needs ofdifferent sizes of silicon wafers such as 16X/18X/210/220/230/.lt is also compatible withthe development needs of large-sized, thin, half wafer, and rectangular wafers for newbatteries such as HJT and TOPCon. The product adopts a brand new cutting area layout,with a maximum silicon rod loading capacity of 950mm long; lt is equipped with newhigh-precision oil and gas bearing boxes, more advanced tension control algorithms.high-precision sensors for wire arrangement, achieving higher precision control of tension, stronger overall stability, and higher cutting efficiency; stronger adaptability withthinner wireand thinner wafers with more convenient operation. Meanwhile, multipleautomation interfaces are reserved, which can utilize big data platforms to achieveintelligent production operations and refined production management.

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