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Crystal Silicon Diamond Wire Saw


Photovoltaic Cutting Equipment

General description:

With the world's first single machine dual station and adjustable wheelbase design, this equipment is playing a significant role in the slicing process of silicon wafer manufacturing. It is compatible with the cutting needs of different sizes of silicon wafers such as16X/18X/210/220/230/240, as well as the development needs of new batteries such as HJT and TOPCon for large-sized, thinned, half wafers, and rectangular wafers. Equipped with eccentric sleeve/eccentric bearing box technology, latest cutting layout, one-piece casting frame and more reliable components, this equipment can achieve a higher stability. It adopts independently developed software and tension control algorithms, reserves MES/automation interfaces, and integrates big data platform to realize intelligent production operations and fine production control. Compared to single station equipment, the footprint per GW can be reduced by 25+%, and labor cost of principal oper- ators by 30+%, which will continuously create value for clients.

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