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Annular Diamond Wire


Photovoltaic Cutting Consumables

General description:

Annular diamond wire refers to an annular cutting tool made of diamond abrasive consolidated on annular steel wire with nickel plating as binder via electrodeposition method, and it is shorted as "Annular wire". It is mainly used in cutting industry for hard and brittle materials, e.g., the cutting and squaring for monocrystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon in photovoltaic field. In addition, as a new wire cutting device in the graphite processing industry, it becomes more and more important.
The annular wires products of Gaoce Company have following features, long service life, good consistency, rich variety of products, and customized R&D for customers, they can meet various requirements of customers. When the annular wires are used for cutting, the high cutting efficiency, high surface accuracy, and good smoothness can be realized. With the advancement of fineness, the cutting loss can be reduced further, which will bring more profits for customers.

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