Watch out for gang crimes and do not enter into securities and futures investment traps

! Investment of ten million pieces is legal. The first is to prevent fraud

! Don't listen to the call of the so-called securities company for free stock recommendation

Don't add stock speculation WeChat groups of illegal institutions

Don't trust the book profits of illegal trading platforms


! Watch out for the God of the Stock Market Live Broadcast, Call out Supervisor Shan, Watch out for Pretty Assistant Financial Commentator

! Beware of all kinds of external trading, foreign exchange futures, blockchain technology, digital currency, bitcoin and other transaction frauds

! Don't believe in investment opportunities with high returns

Don't open an account on an unknown APP

Do not remit money to individual bank account, Alipay or WeChat account

! Online platforms should not trust legal institutions to be reliable

! Over the counter individual stock options hide secrets and blindly invest in traps

! The off-site funding is not credible. Be careful not to let pie become a trap

! Watch out for illegal securities activities under the name of "selling NEEQ stocks"

! WeChat and Tiktok platforms are used by fraudsters to know strangers, release insider information and recommend shares,

Short term small profit is bait, and the purpose is to lose the principal