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Diamond Wire


Photovoltaic Cutting Consumables

General description:

Diamond wire, also called diamond cutting wire, in short as diamond wire, is a linear cutting tool formed via cementing diamond abrasive to steel wire substrate with binder. According to the type of binder and preparation method, it can be divided into resin diamond wire and electroplated diamond wire. Electroplated diamond wire is a cutting wire formed by cementing diamond grits onto steel wire substrate via electroplating nickel.
Electroplated diamond wire is mainly used in the cutting for hard brittle materials, including the cutting, squaring, and slicing for monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon in photovoltaic field; the cutting and slicing for semiconductor materials; the cutting for non-metallic hard brittle materials such as sapphire, special glass, and ceramic in LED field; the cutting of NdFeB and ferrite in the magnetic materials field.
The using of electroplated diamond wires can increase the cutting efficiency greatly and increase the production capacity accordingly; with the high cutting stability, it can be used for high-precision machining, and achieve a better surface cutting quality; by using of water-based cutting fluid, it is energy saving, environmentally friendly, and easy to recycle; with the high applicability to different cutting process and the wide process window , it can be suitable for machines of various specifications.

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