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Diamond Wire Crystalline Silicon Slicer Machine


Photovoltaic Cutting Equipment

General description:

This product is designed for slicing during manufacturing of silicon wafers, with world's first variable wheelbase design, compatible for wafers of various sizes (16X/18X/210/220/230). It also meets the development needs of new batteries such as HJT and TOPCon for large, thin, half wafer and rectangle wafers. For the products, adopting the technology of eccentric sleeve/eccentric axle box, and the changing of wheelbase, optimum wheelbase cutting is achieved. with modular platform product design and the reserved performance upgrade space, it can meet the cutting requirements for larger size and double-splicing of half wafers in the future, and the process application space is wider; via optimizing the each component device comprehensively, and using the latest cutting layout scheme, the industry-leading cutting wheelbase is realized, the cutting capacity is improved comprehensively, and it has many favorable features, such as high cutting efficiency, good processing quality, and easy operation.

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